About us

Our company is a distributor of TIER 4 Chemicals in Lloydminster and area. We have over 40 different products available to meet all of your needs. We are responsible for new account set-up, ordering and account maintenance. For a "no obligation to buy" meeting with our chemical account manager email or phone us.We will come to your office and show you how our product will save you and your business money.




Heavy Oil Industry

Stinger- solvent based degreaser for tank cleaning and heavy oil buld up.

Rampage-petroleum solvent and organic solvent to clean heavy build up of tars and oil.

Redline-highly concentrated organic solvent degreaser used when speed is needed or conventional degreaser don't work.

No foam-is an active silicone emulsion designed for the control of foam at low cost.

Cleanall-highly concentrated liquid cleaner with built in water softening agent, works in all water conditon.Safe on equipment and painted surfaces.


Industrial and Transportation

Bio Parts Washer-waterbased used for biological parts washer.PH neutral and no VOC.

Cello Kleen-water soluble degreaser used for all wand wasd tire systems and engine de-greasing systems.

Metal Prep-a concentrated liquid used to prep meatl surfaces for painting.

Floor degreaser-highly concentrated powder for fast removal ofoil,grease, and dirt from floors, walls,vinyls,and plastic.